My Planner Review 2018

Its the start of 2019, I look back,  in 2018 I was quite inconsistent or adventurous but I also learned a lot. I guess, its the perfect time, to make a planner review and see what I learned and share all the goods and bads with you.

My Planner Review 2018

How it all began …

At the end of 2017, I wrote a nice blog post about the perfect planner setup guide, full of good intentions and quite convinced this year I would be a nice and truthful Happy planner girl.

Here you’ll find my old blog post about my planner setup for 2018. (It’s in German, hope you don’t mind.) As you see, it was a mix of a Happy Planner and a Bullet Journal with grey cardstock dividers. I think especially the grey dividers give you a big insight into my new year’s resolution to keep it productive and simple. So was the plan.

I was quite happy with the setup, although after three months I realised that I needed some new categories for Health and Finance and some Daily Planning.

Planner Review 2018


But other than that I was very happy with the Planning.


The Travellers Notebook B6

It all started, the same way this whole Planner craziness started, in May I watched a youtube Video about the TN B6 and there went my good intentions to keep it simple. So I added a TN B6 to my ever since growing planner collection.

Here you’ll find my blog post to my setup.

The standard size never quite worked for me. And that makes sense. I have quite a big handwriting,  and the size was originally made for vertical writing not horizontal.

But the B6 is just perfect! It’s small and therefore quite handy to be carried in my handbag but still wide enough to write in it.

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The only problem with the B6 setup, it was almost a duplicate of my Happy Planner Hybrid. 🙁 Weekly Planning now took the double amount of time.)

The Cocoa Daisy Planner Kit

In August I discovered Cocoa Daisy. An American company for Planner and Memory Keeping subscriptions. And oh my goodness, the August design was sooooo beautiful. It was sunny and friendly with Tea Cups and little bees. It is still one of my favourite designs. So I became a Cocoa Daisy Subscribers. I will make a Review of her box, which I will link here.

Yes, I know. You’re right! I know, I said that I would try to fight my Shiny-Object-Syndrom. I really tried. But in the end, I was soooo not successful.

But you know what. Who cares. I barely drink alcohol,  don’t smoke,  have a small box of Make-up and yes I put to much sugar in my coffee and love handbags. But oh my, a girl has a right to her addictions and craziness right? I earn my own money and obviously, this Planner stuff has grown to become my primary hobby.

And thanks to Christine from Cocoa Daisy, I learned a lot about my planning and what workes for me and what doesn’t. I was quite productive and organised thanks to the Cocoa Daisy setup style.

Here check out, one of her latest youtube videos, in which she does a Planner setup for December. She explains a lot which is really helpful.

So I moved out of my Happy Planner Hybrid into an A5 Ringbound planner.

Personal Wide, Inkwell Press, Hobonichi, Midori and so on

Before I started my first Bullet Journal, I thought the whole planner market existed only of the standard Filofax Inserts. Now I know, the possibilities are almost endless. I checked out Reviews about Inkwell press, Hobonichi, Jibun Techo, Passion Planner, … and also 1 Page 1 Day Planner by Midori.

For a girl with Shiny-Object-Syndrom a real problem, but I will not stress myself about all these possibilities. I will try, I will learn and I will have fun 🙂

Planner Review

My Learnings of my Planner Review 2018

  • My Happy Planner Bullet Journal Hybrid is just the perfect mix of existing planner pages and the opportunity to individualise everything to my own needs.
  • The B5 size of the Happy Planner is too big to carry around, therefore a second smaller planner like a b6 is a good addition.
  • The B6 TN shouldn’t be a duplicate, otherwise, I waste to much time to plan the same things in two planners.
  • A simple but structured Daily Insert helps me to be very productive and focus myself on my To Dos.
  • Menu-planning helps to make the right decisions. Also, it is helpful to write down one’s perfect routine, just to keep everything in mind.
  • Daily Journaling is a Form of Self-Care to me, but a Standard TN is not the right size for me.
  • Weekly Goal and Habit Tracking keeps my Mind focused but both have to be permanently present or I will lose focus.

Now with all these learnings in my mind, it is time to set up my planner system for 2019.



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