My favourite Youtube Channels

I love youtube

I used to love tv. Especially as a child my parents were convinced I would end up with holes in my head instead of eyes because of my tv addiction. I grew up with tv series, they were a very serious part of my education and upbringing. And its fun to check out if my friends have the same wonderful childhood-memories. But nowerdays tv has lost its claim on me. Especially since the qualitity of german tv is degrading from year to year. I so much envy the american development thanks to HBO and co.

What I love about youtube the most is the variety of themes and persons. I don’t need perfection when I can have personality and authenticity.

Thanks to youtube I’ve learned about things I would have never searched on tv and even on the internet. Youtube is now my way of education and becoming more than I am now. Thanks to youtube I can be a geek, a fashion victim, a beauty addict and animal rights acitivist at the same time. I just love it.

And here is a selection of my favourite youtube Channels

Fashion and Make-up

Goss Make-up Artist: He is such a cutie. I love his humor and personality. I learned so much about make-up thanks to him. He is a real pro has a great taste and style

Wendys Lookbook: she also has a great fashion blog. I love the creativity of her videos. She has an incredible style which inspires me a lot. Its a pity she’s not so active anymore but its still worth checking out her older videos

Estée Lalonde: A Canadian now living in London with her boyfriend and her greyhound Reggie. I just love her. She has two channels, one is more the traditionell beauty channel but I love the second one “everyday estée”. I love to watch her going out with her dog, talk to her cute boyfriend, go for shopping and so on. I can’t explain to you why I love to watch a normal person to do normal things but life seems to be easy when I watch her.

Geek Stuff

Hooked: two former giga games journalist now following their own path. I love their independent opinion and eccentric humor. And Robin loves Gibli movies – how could I not like him?

Gamestar: My dealer for the everyday news and themes of the gaming Communities – just my everyday potion about my beloved gaming stuff

Lady Ash: I love her, I love her sexy voice and her let’s plays and especially her theories about dragon age ..

Love for Paws

Vet Ranch: is absolutly extraordinary. This channel was founded by an american veterinarian. In his other channel he loves to blow up things. I know. Strange! But he is also a devoted animal activist. He and now a lot of other veterinarians are helping out animals (most are dogs and cats) who are homeless or from the shelter. They fix their health problems so they can find new owners. And by watching their videos we are helping them as well. What a cool idea!

What are your favourite youtube Channels?

There are so many other cool channels, but I don’t want to overload this list for the start. What are your favourite youtube channels? Please share! I’m so curious to learn some new channels or new themes. There is so much to explore!

And do you think german tv needs to change if it doesn’t want to loose its future?


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