My Happy Planner 2019

My Planner 2019

Ok, I have to admit, this is a Happy Planner Cover but not the Happy Planner Inserts. This year, I was just not able to find a Happy Planner I liked.

But I call this Happy Planner anyway, cause it is the same system, maybe even a little bit improved. So please bear with me, and I will explain you why.

This Planner is not the only Planner I will use this year, if you want to check out my Planner Line-up for 2019, please read this blog post.

Why a Happy Planner?

I’m using the Happy Planner system for years now and I love it. The Disc System gives so much flexibility, it’s easy to write in it, you can add pages if needed or tear them out if you don’t want them any more. I guess that’s what I love the most, about the Happy Planner system, it’s easy to individualise the planner to your needs.

And furthermore I love the B5 size,  a little bit wider than the normal A5, so much friendlier to write in.

I used to call this a Happy Planner Bullet Journal Hybrid. But these days, the term, most people on youtube use, is “frankenplanning”. I guess it comes from “Dr Frankenstein”. You take the parts you like and build your own planner monster. 🙂

Why not a Happy Planner?

But this year, I went a little bit further and designed my own Happy Planner Inserts.

As the original Happy Planner, I offer a month on two pages, a weekly spread on two pages, with a sidebar, but then I added a separate double page just for To Dos, Chores, notes and so on. So you can keep track of everything on a weekly basis altogether. I love it!

If you want you can use the Happy Planner or Erin Condren Sticker, they will fit, due to the same with of the Columns. But you get so much more.

Sorry, I get ahead of myself.

First, let me explain, how I organised my Planner for 2019. If you want to know, how my Happy Planner fits into my Planner System 2019, you should read my blog post about my Planner Line-up 2019.

My Planner Setup 2019 in my Happy Planner

I have six categories in my planner:

  1. Goals
  2. Calendar
  3. Health and Fitness
  4. Finance
  5. Homework
  6. Lists

Section 1 Goals

Do you want to know, which goals I want to reach in 2019? You should read my blog post about my goals for 2019.

But other than a double page with my goals and my mission statement for 2019, I also have a page for my vision board and my affirmation. All these pages should help me to set my mind. If you’re interested in more, you should read this post about the Miracle morning technique. 

But that’s not all. I also have to define my quarterly activities, which should help me to reach my goals. And at the end of every Quarter (after three months in the schedule section) I have to rate myself, if I’ve done my activities and how faithful am I to my goals.

Section 2 Calendar

This is my planning section. First of all, I have a Double Page to see 2019 at one glance. I’m planning to colour code the most important dates of the year.

Another two double pages are my future log, where I can write down my appointments for the coming months.

Every month starts with a dashboard, followed by a double page to plan the month.

And then I have four pages for every week to write down my appointments, To Dos, chores, grocery list, menu-planning, Habit Tracking and so on.

Section 3 Health and Fitness

Here I keep track of my weight, my asthma and my mood.

Section 4 Finance

Before you can keep Track of your Budget, you need to know your Budget. But I will explain my financial planning later on in more detail.

Section 5 Homework

My big master-Cleaning List helps me to see, what I have cleaned recently and what needs to be cleaned. Maybe I will add more Lists or information here but at the moment that’s it.

Section 6 Lists

Here I keep all the Lists I need to keep. For example, I keep a List, for example, a Packing List for my work bag. This list helps me on Sunday evenings to check if I have forgotten something.

Very soon I will explain my kind of planning by showing you my April Setup.

P.S: If you like the Monthly and weekly inserts, you should check out my Happy Planner Inserts in my Etsy Shop here.

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