My Planner Line-up for 2019

First of all, Happy New Year! Happy NewYear! Happy New Year!

I hope you all had a wonderful start into 2019 and may all your wishes come true and may you reach all your goals.

I made a Planner Review for 2018 and with all my Learnings from 2018 in my mind, now I’m ready to Setup my Planner Line-up for 2019. If you’re in the same process at the moment, maybe you also wanted to check out my perfect Planner Guide (it’s in German). 

My Planner Line-up 2019

I don’t know why, but this year it took me quite some time to figure out how to set up my planner system for 2019. Maybe it was due to the fact, that I tried out so much in 2018. I wanted to make sure, that I was more faithful to my system this year. Let’s see how this will turn out. Otherwise, there will be no adventures if you never leave the same path, right?

On the other Hand, it was never an option to skip the whole planner altogether. I feel more organised, productive and relaxed since I keep a Planner.

From Goals to Plans

For me, the starting point of every planner, should be to ask yourself, what are you’re goals for this year or what would you like to improve?

Therefore I wrote down my goals 2019.

And that’s what I need to plan or to keep track of in my planner.

What do I want to keep track of in my Planner?

Like last year, I made a list what I wanted to plan:

  • Appointments including Future Planning
  • To-Dos
  • My Health and Weightloss, therefore, I also need Menu planning
  • Finances, Budget, Expenses and Order Tracker
  • Daily Journaling (not really planning but part of my self-care goal)
  • Goal Keeping and Habit Tracking

My Planner System 2019

So with no further ado, here is my Planner Line-up 2019. My whole Planner Systems contains 5 Planners with different contents and targets:

  1. B5 Disc Planner (Happy Planner Style) my stationary main Planner
  2. Travellers Notebook B6 my carry around Planner
  3. Ringbound Planner as my Business Planner
  4. A5 Hobonichi for Memory Keeping and daily Journaling
  5. B5 Bullet Journal as my Job Planner

1. My main Planner …

… is a B5 Disc Planner.

Originally I wanted to get myself a new Happy Planner, but I was not able to find one, I really liked. Then I decided to design my own inserts. You may remember, I plan to open a Planner Shop this year.

And I have to say, this is perfect for me.

In my B5 Planner, I do my Future Planning, weekly Planning with all my appointments and To Dos. I also keep Track of my Chores,  Health and Finance Goals.

Here you’ll find a post, where I show you my setup in detail and also my inserts, which will be available in my Planner Shop very soon.

This Planner is my stationary Planner, it stays at home. This is my personal “Kommando”-Book.

2. My carry around Planner …

… is my Travellers Notebook in the size of B6.

In this planner I do my weekly Goal Tracking, keep track of my expenses, which happens the most, when I’m out and about and do my daily planning.

Soon you’ll find a post, in which I show you my setup in detail and explain, why this setup is essential to reach my goals and be more organised and productive.


3. My Business Planner …

… I keep in my Ring-bound. You may ask yourself, why do I keep a separate Business Planner instead of putting everything together into my main planner. And you’re right, that would be the logical thing to do. I’m not a friend of keeping too many planners. (Yes, I’m quite aware that me the girl with 5 Planners is stating this.)  You’re risking to lose the overview of all your appointments and To Dos.

And still,  I keep my Business Planner separate. Why? It is separate in my Brain. In my Business Planner, I write down my ideas and plans for my Planner Shop. But an appointment for example with my printer company, I would write down in my Disc Planner.

I will make a separate Blog Post about my Business Planner later on and explain it in more detail.

4. My Memory Keeping Journal …

is not a Planner, of course. But for me, it is part of the system. My Planners are future-oriented and my Journal is a Keeper of the past. I love to flip through my old Notebooks and Planners and read, what I wrote down, what was on my mind then.

As my Memory Keeping Journal I use the A5 Hobonichi Cousin. That’s the first time I’m trying out a Hobonichi. And I will post a detailed Review later this month.

5. My Job Planner …

For years now, I am using a Bullet Journal as my Job Planner. That has worked perfectly in the past, and I will not change it. Here you’ll find a detailed explanation of my Bullet Journal system and why I think its the perfect system for a Job Planner.

And that’s it. My Planner Line-up for 2019. What do you think? And what is your system for 2019? I’m quite curious. And do you think, I have too many Planners?

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